toward the ledge:

changing the world thru loving and serving others. without agenda


“changing the world thru loving and serving others will change you, if you do it without agenda. choose to change the world and yourself—one act of love at a time. love other people because they are inherently valuable. look in your neighborhood and find ways to serve others.” (from love without agenda )

3.16.11 was the date that i initially leaped from the ledge from my comfortable position in USA landing in moshi, tanzania, africa for 3 months.  it was a heart opening, personal growth, all around amazing life experience. i did not go as part of an organized mission trip, however, this is very much a personal mission, giving of my time and talent to serve others. i did go on my own.  in september 2011 i returned after a brief return to the US, to serve as a staff member of the volunteer organization i initially went to.  that led to 27 months consecutively in Tanzania before returning to the US for a 3 month information/friend raising trip in january 2014.  by mid 2014 i will be back on african soil to continue on the path God has placed me on.

but seriously – i’m just a slightly above average middle aged white woman who found herself called (true story, it’s such a cool God thing!) to a life i never saw coming. i left a solid job, sold my belongings, left family and friends to ‘answer the call’ that God placed on me, with all those friends and family conflicted on whether i was brave and amazing … or simply a bit crazy. 🙂   i am still serving my african brothers and sisters in tanzania trying my best to find ways to make a positive loving difference in the lives of women, children and families.  and live with them in their village.  i believe that Africa is where i belong. i am filled with gratitude to live this new life that God has revealed to me.

i am not affiliated with a particular organization or church, but follow the path that God leads me to…but feel that my calling is to use my talents, experience, and heart to serve the poor, the widows, the orphans and to love as Jesus wishes me to do.  i have created the Pieces of Hope Tanzania campaign with a mission to work on projects that include sustainable future – including education, water, nutrition, entreprenuership, agriculture.

The Pieces of Hope Tanzania sole focus for 2014 is The Brilliant Pre and Primary school in Ushirika Village, a private english medium school that is targeting children in the surrounding very poor, remote village; also included are vocational, youth and community development actions all designed for eventual sustainable activities. Ushirika is a remote village community in northern Tanzania, several hours from Mwanza.  This is grass roots village development – the school started in 2012 and is still in partial construction.  i believe in the power of education and that children and youth are the future of our world.  my mission is to inform and inspire my western brothers and sisters while serving my African brothers and sisters, and ignite change for the global good – specifically in terms of education opportunities and sustainable development.

when we act upon what we are called to do, i believe that amazing things will happen!


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