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i get by…with a little help…from my friends..:)

okay, so this song….has been playing in my head for the past few days. and i wanted to say some thanks for those in my life that have been such a part of this journey!

thought you might enjoy the beatles singing ‘a little help from my friends’ while reading this post! so now this song can be playing in your head too! ūüôā¬† and PS, i realize that the lyrics aren’t entirely…you know…but it’s a great catchy song and i really DO get by with the help and love of my friends, so…it’s staying in this blog.¬† weird or not.

first of all, thank you God for the opportunity, for asking me, for giving me all of this, especially the lovely family and friends that are in my life, helping me accomplish the tasks. thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a big picture, i’m loving it all!

and thank YOU my family, my friends…i really couldn’t have done it without you!¬† here’s how you have helped me in the past months…so that i could leap from the ledge to start this mission of heart and so that i can continue the work placed before me.¬† only a few more weeks now…and i’ll be back in tanzania!

  • provided a place for me to stay, a lovely place to land in between.
  • provided a place to store my ‘stuff’ for the next year.
  • provided a place to store my car.
  • took care of my car loan.
  • picked up the tab for lunch, dinner, breakfast.
  • invited me for a weekend or trip.
  • gave discounts on services.
  • contributed funds toward my expenses.
  • purchased things needed for the trip back or things for the kids back in africa.
  • invited me to speak at various events, giving opportunity for more people to become aware.
  • hosted gatherings to help support my cause.
  • took care of my mail and bills while i was out of the country.
  • prayed, gave words of encouragement, offered up ideas and suggestions on how things might work.
  • stepped up to say “we want to be part of this journey, we’ll help!”
  • designed logos, websites and other things for the foot2afrika organization, just because i asked.
  • listened to me, propped me up during some hard times and made me laugh and smile.¬† and was there for me when i needed you in some way.

i’m grateful. amazed. wowed. and lucky.¬† i am ever thankful for your presence in my life!¬† i love you all.¬† nakupende!¬† thanks so very much! asante sana! and more than you know….more than you can fathom, you are loved.

and now, enjoy this song by one of my favorites, claudia carawan, who wrote the words and recorded my theme song “fearless” , that i posted a few blogs back.

More Than You Know 
words & music Claudia Carawan
copyright  August  2008 Heart Over the Bar publishing

More than the clouds up in the heavens
More than the sands upon the shore
More than the colors of the rainbow
More than the poet’s metaphor
More constant than the movement
of the ocean’s ebb and flow
More than you can fathom
You are loved more than you know…

You are loved,  You are loved.

More than the heat of Summer
or the power of the sun
More than the mystery of the full moon
when the day is finally done
More than the countless icy crystals
in the Winter’s falling snow
Beyond your comprehension
You are loved more than you know

More than words could ever show
You are loved more than you know

More than the wisdom of ages,
More than you can understand
More than the power of music
to inspire the heart of man
More than the seconds in a lifetime
or frequency than the radio
Beyond your comprehension
You are loved more than you know

More than you could ever know
You are loved more than you know

More expansive and life changing
if you could feel it through and through
So take it easy on yourself and let this message carry you
where ever you may go…¬† what ever you may do
This love has got your back
This love will see you through
More than language can express
More than you could ever guess
You are loved more than you know

You are loved more than you know
You are loved more than you know


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just before i left for africa in march, i discovered claudia carawan and her song ” fearless”.¬† i loved the words, the energy, and the spirit.¬† i claimed it as my theme song as i stepped right out of my comfort zone and headed off for an adventure.

i still love the song and each time i listen to it, it lifts me up!¬† i love how music has the ability to do that!¬† now,why haven’t i listened to this every stinkin day, i wonder?¬† silly me.

as the clock ticks off the minutes and the calendar checks off the days toward “wings up” to tanzania, i still face a number of unknowns for this next year.¬† yes, i do know more now than i did in march.¬† it’s nice to be more comfortable knowing the people and more of what to expect. but….you know – there is ALWAYS a ‘but’.¬† a year is a long time, after all.¬† i still need to remind myself that…i AM or CAN be fearless and this is my life to live! so i reclaim this song to remind me!

hope you will take a few moments to listen and enjoy.¬† and maybe claim the message for your own.¬† live fearlessly. follow your heart.¬† conformity? nada, drop the pretense.¬† go for YOUR life. what is it that’s calling you?

oh yeah! are you listening?