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validation thru a comic strip :)

wanted to share with you the comic strip that validated my decision to go to africa.  tanzania specifically.

to recap – i had been seeking some opportunity and change in my life.  and volunteer vacations had been on my radar screen.  i knew i had a strong urge to make a difference (a life long issue but had been strongly surfacing in the last year), and thought that might take care of it.  but realizing that a few weeks was just not going to do it.  so i had followed my intuition to explore a ‘what if’ i went on a volunteer trip for 3-4 months to do good work?  where would i go, what would i choose to do in this what if exercise? what would i have to let go of, and do?

my prayers and meditation led to God’s tap on the shoulder – leading me to africa and then to a non profit in moshi tanzania – and i ‘felt’ in my heart and intuition that this was the place.  but remember – i was in ‘what if’ mode at this particular time.  but obviously getting closer to something else.

then. THEN, this cartoon appeared in the sunday tulsa world a few days later.  validating all of  the things that i had been feeling, the taps on the shoulder, the directions i had been led in the previous weeks.  and in that moment, i knew without a doubt i was on the right track.

this is from the baby blues comic strip.  typically, it deals with a couple with three young children, and their challenges and fun of raising a family, and how they have lost their ‘coupleness’ along the way.  it’s cute, light hearted and there is usually something most every family can relate to. the usual kid squabbles, exhaustion, school homework, yada yada yada. and even in this one – it does BUT, what it did, out of ordinary was to throw in TANZANIA.  i mean.  really.  what were the odds of africa, tanzania specifically being mentioned just days later?  in a comic strip that never address anything more serious than diapers and school homework? they never even discussed what town they lived in!

it was the wild card.  it caught my attention.  it changed my world. goes to show you never know how where validation might come from.  how God might choose to get your attention. i love that He has a great sense of humor, by the way.  isn’t it great?

by the way.  dar es salaam is considered the commercial capital of tanzania and the largest city in the country.  however, dodoma is now considered as the capital as legislative offices have moved there.   ha.  a little tanzania lesson there for ya. and now you know just a little bit more…



tap. tap. tap.

while preparing for a recent presentation about my journey and experience in tanzania, these words were given to me….i don’t know why but maybe there was someone in the audience that day that needed to hear it. at the time, i just considered it a nice lead in, as it’s really a big part of how i ended up in africa.  i got tapped on the shoulder by God!

“you never know…when God will tap you on the shoulder and say – listen up.  i got something for you to do.   you have to pay attention so that you don’t miss it.  and then you have to decide whether or not you are going to do what He asked”…

i’m sharing this with you…because. well, yesterday morning,  there it was. BOOM.  i got a tap about the the tap on the shoulder comment.  a tap that said i should include it in my blog. however, in my questioning way, i started doubting and got to thinking (dangerous thing, that thinking/over-thinking)…and asked for a sign to confirm the tap.

yup.  got my sign.  which might be obvious to you by now since you are reading this :). each morning, one of the first things i do is check facebook (yes, i am aware that this is rather pathetic, but there it is.  i confess. LOL).  and this morning?  lo and behold, there was a post on one my fb friend’s wall right off the bat that contained a quote  – your messages are real and divinely guided.  well, hm.  how about that? works for me.

so….here it is God.  if there is someone out there that needs to hear this message, it’s all yours. and theirs.

i sure love you, people.  let your light shine.  love others. love yourself too.  forgive. let it go. smile. and for sure…

…listen up for the tap!



on 9.28.11 i will depart from kansas city missouri and head back to tanzania, stopping via amsterdam and arriving at kilimanjaro on 9.29.  the journey back is about to begin.  i will head to kc on the 22nd or 23rd so that i may spend some time with my parents, family and friends there before i depart.

i have about one month remaining here in tulsa – to wrap up projects, lunches, dinners, and visits.  but the beauty of technology is that even when i’m back in africa – we can keep in touch with facebook, email and skype.

buzz me if you want to grab lunch, coffee or dinner so we can get it on the schedule.  i know from experience that time flies, tick tock tick tock.  BOOM!  it’s gone.

i love you people.  thanks for being in my life. thanks for listening to my story.  thanks for taking it into your own heart. thanks for telling me when it moves you.  thanks for helping me along the way.  you rock.

live. love. laugh. share your own heart!