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one more night…..

by now i should be part way back to the united states. but i’m sitting in an internet cafe working on my last blog (i have been very absent from my writings lately, pole sana) on june 15. and i will be leaving tonight june 15 instead of june 14.

as a quick summary of what happened (and then i guess i’ll probably tell you more as i can’t seem to help myself LOL)…

note to self: 20:50 = 8:50p. NOT 10:50p. to assume 10:50 means that you miss your plane, have to pay extra money for a ticket change, and feel el stupido. and one must laugh laugh laugh at one’s self. i have no real good excuse for this brain fart. i know that there are 24 hours in a day. and therefore 20 = 8. sigh.

so as i was leaving the volunteer house last night, it was fairly emotional and i didn’t really want to go. the f2a staff was saying/singing one of our fav songs ‘one more night’ and i said, don’t worry i’ll be back….well. i did get one more night (and that song played over and over in my head) and i just didn’t expect to be back quite that soon. 🙂 hakuna matata. hamna shida. no worries. 🙂

but i believe that things work out as they should. i don’t know why perhaps i needed to stay another day. or not be on that flight. maybe i won’t know that ever.

i wish to share with you another example of timings and how things worked out to send a message to me on one of my last days here, on this round in afrika.

my volunteer friend olga and i planned to go for dinner to celebrate my departure. it has been quite busy at the volunteer house with 20-28 people at one time so we rarely have had time recently to really visit and we have gotten quite close. we planned for friday, saturday and sunday – all of which fell through. finally it had to be monday evening. my last evening.

on monday, my friend and sister, margaret who is the director of children of destiny orphanage called wanting to see me before i left. i invited her to join olga and i at the restaurant. unfortunately, olga and i arrived to find it closed and so we drove to pick margaret up at the orphanage. oh good, i thought. i will also get to see the kids before i leave!

to my surprise and joy, the kids greeted me with hugs, kisses and many notes and drawings saying good bye to ‘aunt deb’ we love you, god bless you, etc. i loved it, of course and it moved me completely. i mentioned it to margaret and she said, deb, they know you and saw your heart from the beginning and they realize how much you have done to help them.

i haven’t had the chance to spend much time with them and i have not shared their whole story with you but i can tell you that this group of children, who have lost most everything, have very little, ages 4-14 are some of the most spiritual loving beings i have been in the presence of. i will share their story another time, as it is quite special.

if i harbored any doubts of why i came here, why i connected to this particular orphanage, why i am coming back to work with the foot2afrika organization – they were dispelled in this moment. i saw the dots that were connected in that the dinners were delayed so that margaret could come. the restaurant needed to be closed so that we had to pick margaret up, placing me there. it’s all perfect.

i look very much forward to seeing my parents, son, brothers and their family. my friends that have supported me throughout this 3 months. having those repairs done (pedis massage chiro, etc) having the opportunity to share my story. but it is very difficult to leave my foot2afrika family, it’s hard to describe how close we’ve become – we live like a family here. we share walking, dirty feet, meals, laughs, frustrations, sometimes tears, stories. we share a heart, in our work to help others survive, grow, be raised up. no one has much but together we make a lot of difference. lately some of them call me mama afrika. i think maybe it’s the hair and my new afrika clothes. lol. (if not that, it’s debo or debORa.) volunteers come in for a few weeks to months and stamp their special places in my heart. my family is now expanded to the world and i love it.

so. i’ll see most all of you very soon and i look forward to it with much joy. but it is not with joy that i leave tanzania, as i really am not ready to be gone from here even though i know….i’ll be back soon. and for now, i need to end this internet cafe session, grab some lunch, manage some last errands and prepare (again) for departure.

nakupende sana!