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and….the date is set…but my bags aren’t packed just yet.

well. it’s official. i purchased the ticket (and yes, it’s round trip) this week. i leave march 16 and return june 15. 3 months.

and i have a bit of a confession. it took me um….3 days at least to click on the buy now airfare button. even though i have already completed the series of immunizations. turned in my noticed to my apartment complex. my boss and co-workers know i’m leaving. have sold much of my ‘stuff’. cut my hair shorter (working toward the minimal look, lol). obviously i’ve been talking about this for some time. so…. i guess this was bigger than i thought apparently. ya think? lol

well, yes, it was a lot of money, but honestly not as much as one would think for traveling across the world. don’t be confused now! i am still totally ‘in’ but every time i went to click, i would think to myself- is there a better schedule, will rates go down, maybe tomorrow, or something would distract me from clicking on the payment button!

but it’s done and i’m REALLY officially absolutely booked! now…it’s time for the travel/medical/evacuation insurance purchase. oh, and hopefully get the hostel to confirm my lodging and visa. that would be nice. communications across the world is sssssslllllloooow, i am finding.

so anyway…on march 16 i will leave t-town, and stop on the way out of the usa in atlanta, then sojourn a bit in amsterdam then plant my feet on the african soil at kilimanjaro. 24 hours and 2300 miles of flying, waiting, smiling through customs, etc.

‎”we must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” joseph campbell

well, in less than 60 days, i guess i’ll be finding out what is waiting….if you would like to make sure you keep up with me, may i suggest that you enter your email address in the subscription box to the right? then you will receive an email alert whenever i post an update along the way.

thanks for your continued support, prayers, blessings and love. and i send to you all of these right backatcha. for whatever journey you are going through, considering, planning or plotting. no matter if that is in your own backyard or around the corner or across the universe.

and for some crazy reason, the song that popped into my head was the theme from mahogany….’do you know where you’re going to’…so enjoy a little diana ross. and no, i really don’t know why i thought of this song. i cannot explain why my mind works the way it does. 🙂


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pictures….of what is to come….

60 days and some change….til take off. as plans heat up, my mind and my heart begin to draw nearer to africa, and i start to imagine all that i might envision. encounter. experience. it’s ironic in that i’m willingly leaping so totally into the unknown yet i still have this sort of want/need of knowing what i might anticipate? how will i live? oh, for sure, lots of unanswered questions but at this moment at least, these photos (below) provide a wee bit of grounding and i find myself feeling a bit more connected to the landing spot. i hope that you will also enjoy. appreciate. smile.

first off, here are shots of my to-be temporary home in moshi, tanzania as from the hostel’s website, then a few volunteer scenes from an orphanage. the final images are from an organization that assists women; since i anticipate working with an organization that helps women develop business skills so that they can better support their families.

and jan, yes…every day….I BELIEVE!

hostel prince aka foot2afrika

sleeping quarters. note the mosquito net and oil lamp.

gathering in the kitchen

a volunteer possibility

volunteering at an orphanage

teaching children

family scene in tanzania

women in business in tanzania


africa. it’s about to get serious. ;)

to give beyond reason, to care beyond hope, to love without limit; to reach, stretch, and dream, in spite of my fears. so that I might know my own depth, discover new heights.

yes, i’ve been away for a while from my blog. it hasn’t been because i’ve been slacking on the africa project. not at all. but i suppose that it was a time in which the things i was working on were transitional in nature. plus…the holidays. you know…. 🙂

but now i am just about ready to pull the trigger on the first domino (am i mixing metaphors? perhaps lol) that will start things rolling…or tumbling…(there I go again!). and that first domino is the big ticket item (pun intended): the air fare ticket. i guess in my mind that officially says….it is about to get serious. 🙂 and right behind it…. purchase travel/medical insurance, start the visa application process, etc. i have started to pack things preparing for temporary storage. sold a few things, still selling other things i no longer need. i think i have a place to live the last 30 days or so before departure. i have secured a storage solution for my car. the application to the hostel in tanzania has been made. the final immunization has been injected into my arm.

here are questions that have been asked most recently. i figure you might be wondering too….

ARE YOU STILL GOING? yes! absolutely. with each passing day, i am even more aware that this is what i am called to do. and i while i truly have looked at this from a variety of angles, testing myself and my resolve, i’m not one to change my mind, ‘specially when i’m in this far.

WHEN? the ticket is slated for departure march 17 and return june 22. some believe that i may stay longer. i am working hard to not predict or analyze (um, that’s really my nature – to be analytical and planned out, so that’s saying a lot to let go of that) and let things happen as they should.

WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? i am finalizing my project choice(s) but right now, i have declared my first choice of project to be an organization that provides assistance to women. in evaluating my options, how to best use my gifts, i looked at what drew my heart, what caught my attention…there are so many needs and everyone is called to do something different. i anticipate that my days might possibly include teaching english, marketing and business skills, etc. i am also drawn to an organization that provides outreach for HIV/AIDS awareness. i hope that i will be able to work in more than one effort, but i don’t know just yet.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR THINGS? i am selling off things that i don’t feel that i need long term – to reduce need for storage and also to flip to cash to help finance this trip. craigslist, word of mouth, etc to get the word out.

WHO ARE YOU GOING WITH? i am not going with any structured or organized group.; this as a solo effort. however, as a rather practical (albeit independent) person, i have worked a bit of structure and security into the trip; i will be living at a hostel that supports volunteers, there is a bit of built in assistance and support there.

WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU COME BACK? well, this is certainly a leap of faith in many ways. i requested a leave of absence from my job; however, after consideration, it was determined that that it would be difficult to cover my duties while i’m gone, and so my request was denied. i have been exploring a very interesting business possibility but i am aware that i will change and my perspective will change, so i’m trying not to box myself in just yet. however, there is a certain loveliness in having a known box to come back to. but….i’m releasing all of this to God and i believe that my mind, my heart, my world, my opportunities will be expanded and so…the answer is I don’t yet know. and that is a very different place for me to be. but i’m learning to be okay in that space.

ARE YOU AFRAID? um, no. not at this point. now…i have had some pretty daunting moments as i consider leaving the security of job and known comfort – and coming back to no job, no place of residence. that has given me some heart stopping moments and emotional issues. i am quite human ya know. traveling alone, and jumping into this on my own does not, at this point in time, cause me heartburn. not much anyway. i’m that confident that this is what I’m supposed to do so i’m resting in that assurance.

if you continue follow me through this blog, you should probably anticipate that i will, in my pledge for authenticity, share with you when i feel joy, fear, uncertainty, blessings, amazement, frustration. you will know when i falter, drop, scream, celebrate, weep, embrace, and all the other range of emotions and actions that i will inevitably experience in the coming months.

if you are like most of my friends, you have used such words as these to describe me: brave, courageous, determined, persistent, passionate……or just plain crazy and in need of counseling. i hope that i make good on the positive ones, but i suppose we’ll all get together in july and compare notes. lol no matter what, i honestly believe that this is just a small step of amazing things about to happen in my life.

thank you for your support, your love, your prayers. i’m gonna need them now and for the coming months.

what we reach for may be different, but what makes us reach is the same. from The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo